The Pitfalls of Freelancing

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Freelancing is a new trend for Filipinos right now but it’s not easy as you may think it is.  It offers a lot of perks but like any other job, it has disadvantages too.  Before making the decision to switch to this kind of career, one must be aware of its pitfalls.

I may not be able to mention all of them but a few are listed below.


Freelancers usually work on a various task from various clients.  Since there are too many tasks, freelancers tend to prioritize things that are less important instead of doing Continue reading


The Perks of Freelancing

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Freelancer is a person who is self-employed without long term commitment to any client or employer. “

There must be reasons why people tend to choose a new career path.  It seems that every year the number grows which makes freelance worker a new career trend.

In fact, some friends and relatives are making the BIG SWITCH after hearing my story.  Yeah, you read it right…from the traditional 9-5 office work to a more flexible working hours minus the business attire required in the office.  Of course, it has its disadvantages but would like to share first what Continue reading

How to Win your First oDesk Job

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Stuart Miles /

oDesk in my opinion is one of the best and easiest online marketplace to get started as a freelancer.

Most clients don’t hire newbie because they prefer someone with positive feedback and/or with at least 100 oDesk hours completed.  In short, they want a more experienced contractor and don’t really trust someone who has nothing to prove yet.

As a newbie,   it’s not always easy to land your first job in oDesk.  You will need a lot of patience and Continue reading

Learn about oDesk

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What is oDesk?

It is an online job marketplace where employers hire, manage and pay remote workers from all over the world.  Freelance jobs are being posted by employers so that contractors can apply or bid for them.

What is the cost?

oDesk is free to register for both employers and contractors.  Employers can post jobs for free and only pay a flat rate of 10% when they hire contractors which is being deducted before earnings are being paid. Continue reading